Respect to artists. Turn off yoir smart phone and feel Flamenco


Most of our artists are National Awarded

Artistas Tablao Flamenco Puro Arte. Director Artístico. Raul Ortega. 6
Flamenco Tablao Puro Arte: artistic conductor, Raul Ortega, in action.

The show is 60 minutes long, in which Puro Arte artists directed by maestro Raúl Ortega offers a different and unpredictable show every night.

A careful selection of high level artists face what for many is already one of the most demanding flamenco scenarios in the world. In Puro Arte there are microphones below and above the stage, which do not allow the mediocre to disguise their failures, while extolling the great Flamencos to infinity. That’s why on our stage only the most pure flamenco artists come up. Most of our artists are National Awarded. They are who give greatness to this unique project of its kind.